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Safe the World, Stop Slaughtering Wildlife and Start creating a Better World and Society by Supporting our project to Save Wildlife all over the World.

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2017 to 2018

Short and Long term plans

We will first lay the focuss on the marketing of our project to create more and more exposure and
creating attention to this unique project.

Short Term

3/4 2017

Development of the block-chain software

Launch of our topic

Meme contest

Official launch on 1th exchange

Introduction video 1#

Social media campaign 1#

1/4 2018

Launch at second exchange

Social-media campaign 2#

Gain a big audience though social-media

New meme contest with nice prizes

Launch at a third exchange

New movie to spread viral

Long Term

2/4 2018

Launch at third exchange

Promo campaign for exposure for our wild-wife fund

Setup the donation wildlife fund to support wildlife organizations

New social-media campaign to attract more investors

3/4 2018

Launch at fourth exchange

Marketing campaign for the launch of our wildlife fund.

Fee’s and profits partially invested in the donation fund

4/4 2018

Launch at fifth exchange

Finishing arrangements with established wildlife organizations

Start periodic donations from our funds to the wildlife organizations.


Latest News

Roadmap published

After a long road of pre-development and publishing our coin at the first Altcoinexchange. We finally want to present you our roadmap. For you ease we placed the roadmap on …

Added to

It has been such a beautiful and amazing journey. From scraping idea to our very own block-chain. You could imagine how happy we are with our first BIG Altcoin exchange …